Massimo Nardi – Curatore

“Enkomion”(a three-month History, Literature and Art magazine), in collaboration with Nicola Surico, director of Messaggi Edizioni and with the staff of Edi Media Communication, curated the exhibitions of artists such as Angelo Cortese – “La Repubblica delle Arti”, Carlo Fusca – “Il Teatro della pittura”, Beppe Labianca – “Magica evocazione in un sogno”, Vincenzo Mascoli – “è tutto un gioco!”, Angelo Accardi e Luca Giovagnoli – “ScandalOSA?” and many others which took place in the Pinacoteca Comunale in Cassano, is now curating the exhibition of Antonio Giannini. 

The artist from Laterza stands out for the obvious approach to the metaphysics of Giorgio De Chirico looking back to the 50’s with various elements that characterized the period. His works are full of symbolism and surreal definitions where the color is presented through rich shades. 
The title I chose “ Stai in campana!” intends to be a call of attention, reminding an incident that occurred at Palazzo de Mari in Acquaviva delle Fonti where Giannini was the protagonist of the installation “ False starts” made of recycled cardboard ( a Vespa Piaggio with luggage and furnishings, including a chair, carelessly used and damaged by a visitor during the exhibition), but it is also a call to a glass bell, where Giannini expertly puts books, toys, appliances, old cars and motorcycles, old radios, all of which may be personal effects ready to emigrate to happier places.
Through the title I wanted to pass down the message of a precarious balance that the artist often represents in his works by making us think of the uncertainties and difficulties of our society.

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