Antonio Giannini

"Art does not reproduce what is visible, but makes visible what is not always visible".(Paul Klee)

Opera in evidenza


A Fiat 500, an Olivetti typewriter, home appliances and advertising posters make up the precarious balance of mass consumption society.

Objects that testify to the everyday life of the past, of a historical moment in which the advertising language began to establish itself as a lifestyle.

Discover the Apulian section of the Widespread Exhibition "Andy Warhol: the Alchemist of the Sixties" entitled "Pop Now. New identities in the Apulian arts"

Both exhibitions will remain open until December 9, 2019 in the three locations:

📍 Ducal Palace of Martina Franca (TA)
📍 Tanzarella Palace of Ostuni (BR)
📍  Norman Castle of Mesagne (BR)

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