Manuela Clemente -Curatore

Among the paintings and the shades of colors, sketches, the green of the pine trees facing the window and the warm notes of Domenico Modugno, in the studio of Antonio Giannini, a grandfather clock of dark wood distracts and introduces an ancient time, the homespun of artist.

Next, a faithful reproduction of the object in cardboard, a symbol of affection ever lessened, confirms the representative value. Time seems to stand still for a memory of a chime that pounding, he listens in hushed room, where it seems to escape the memory of a child holding hands his grandfather, plays with her coffee maker, rises and falls from his chair. You have not eaten anything, memory is inextricably linked to all the intellectual activities where the data is processed in new experiences."Everyone is inevitably tied to the past of the memory of the things, the little things that are like the molecules of ourselves." Carlo Maria Franzero cited, the boy wonderful, 1920

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