Vitantonio Fosco

An artist from Laterza next to De Chirico 
“Packing your bags and leaving”. The artist from Laterza Antonio Giannini, painter and designer, can afford this. He was born in 1980, famous for his works showing, for the most part, suitcases, luggage and life experiences as well as everyday objects. They are stacked in an orderly disorder to shape and volume to the remembrances, the past memories and future hopes.

The journey begins in Otranto, in the rooms of the Aragonese Castle used as Art gallery hosted the works of Miro, Picasso, Dali and Warhol. This year it becomes the frame of the exhibition dedicated to the Master of the metaphysics ‘900 Giorgio De Chirico.
The works of De Chirico (some of them are borrowed from the Art Gallery Maggiore of Bologna) tell about the evolution and stylistic phases of the Master ranging from the restoration of the classical tradition to get closer to reality, passing through surreal ravines and considering metaphysics “as a quality elected by the painting and not as a characteristic of objects”. 
What goes beyond the simple physical appearance is what can’t be seen, but it’s present in the works through suggestions far away from the senses. 
Giannini, pointed out as art-reporter by the Gallery CoArt of Corato by the curator Alexander Larrante, exhibits (seven paintings, three drawings and an installation) with other three representatives from Apulia Vincenzo Mascoli (Corato), Beppe La Bianca(Bari) and Oronzo Liuzzi( Fasano). They are united by the metaphysical and surreal nuances of their works, and they are asked to prepare the rooms for the exhibition entitled “ Metafisica a Sud, enigma di un pomeriggio d’estate” (changing the name of one of the works by De Chirico).
Thus, among the closed bags and childhood toys the object becomes the memory, suggestion, emotion. Nothing is worth more than it looks but it becomes what it is, it acquires a meaning that the human mind can not figure out, but that everyday objects can guide, suggest in order to move. Go beyond what can be seen , to live again specific moments, suggestions without answers and without shape to which human reason tries to give meaning but remains closed in objects/subjects that evoke the taste, even if in a restricted way. 
Packing your bags and leaving.
To go beyond the things, beyond the easy understanding, to reach an unreachable horizon, to try the emotion of doing it, to bring inside the memory of having done it. 
That’s why the bags by Antonio are useful, to face long journeys in deep worlds, leaving the viewer the opportunity to choose their own way. 
The journey to the collateral exhibition begins on July 10th (coinciding with the De Chirico’s birthing) at 7 p.m. and will be open until September 29th. For further information visit the website

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