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“ In eleven paintings Giannini’s memories in his grandparents’ house”
“Memorie in equilibrio” by Antonio Giannini ends tonight. It is a personal exhibition with 11 paintings and two installations made of cardboard in the Palazzo Marchesale of Laterza. In eight days the hall of Cavalerizza has seen a growing number of visitors and even some students have visited the exhibition.

It is a good intuition because Giannini, who is 33, is a school art teacher at De Carolis school in Taranto. The exhibition focused on memories of his childhood, spent in the grandfather’s house . it’s the heart of his art, at first made with the technique of oil pastels and then directly with the acrylic. Giannini was and is fascinated by the ancient objects. That’s why drawers, books and suitcases return time and again in his art. A car with rust, a used leather cover inspires him and leads him to the clear and objective representation of these objects full of memories. However, “ these works are self-portraits and mirror my portrait”. It’s not by chance the one of his works is called “ I have tied up my memories” with the use of perspective and a coherent form. Antonio Giannini has participated in the restoration of the Petruzzeli Theatre of Bari and in January participated in the Biennial of Palermo curated by Paolo Levi and Vittorio Sgarbi. The artist’s curriculum highlights the careful selection by the Municipality and the curator Manuela Clemente in choosing the exhibitors at the Cavalerizza. The exhibition is connected with the recent news of the concession of the funds for the “Museum of Majolica Laertina” for 800 thousand euro from the European Regional Development Fund. The museum will collect ancient majolica around the world. The Municipality of Laterza is eleventh out of 63 participants. This recognition will lead to modernize the top floor of the Palazzo Marchesale to increase the high value of the cultural center of excellence.

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