Raffaele Nigro

[… To attend an author surprises you almost more, it remains only the pleasure of being a giant that has become familiar. Attracted to De Chirico, visitors will find until September five rooms devoted to authors in the late twentieth century.

Clare Idrusa Safi offers Mediterranean visions designed to transform the Magna Greece in a metaphysical, through frames and cutscenes in extreme wide angle
panoramas in which inserts objects or superimposed images that make them. Arnoldo Maina is an intellectual Visual imagery. Originally from Cavallino moved to the United States carrying Picasso's long experience and never releasing it now by memories cubists now by nightmares and dream-like obsessions. The 40-year-old Antonio Giannini builds a metaphorical installation with a WaSP in cardboard boxes, suitcases and travel overloaded with getting a neocubismo pop. Apparently intends to tell us that geometry, imaging and transportation help us to cross time and carry memories. ...]

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