Maurizio Brunialti -Sociolo

Sometimes, when the creative act meets the psychological insight and social reflection, emanates a communicative potential can disarticulate the traditional categorizations, break the mold and disrupt that comfortable pattern of beliefs that, if on the other hand, allows you to put an order – Max Weber
would say – "in the sense of becoming free of infinity World ", on the other hand, represents a crystallization which restrains the overcoming of status quo . Especially in the arts.

"Stay tuned", Antonio Giannini staff, held at the Pinacoteca "Miani Perotti" Cassano delle Murge, promoted by Enkomion, magazine of history, literature and art, organized by Emi Media Communication and curated by Massimo Nardi, does not escape this reflection because that potential
owns, in doses not negligible. Traditionally approached the painting of (De Chirico, Carrà, Morandi), possibly due to the static nature of the objects and portraits that sense of suspension that hovers in his works, that of Gandhi is a quest that inhabits a mental space where the concept of identity bounces, playfully, from an
individual to a collective imaginary nostalgically size typically. The expressive technique is just a medium, only a tool, perhaps an excuse. Vintage cars, books, CRT
television sets, suitcases, old drawers and new dreams inhabit the biography and the production of an author piling and fit – in bold and provisional architectures – goods and souvenirs, fetishes and introiezioni, in continuous flow, almost cinematic. Also this from the vague flavor vintage "Art – claimed the writer Oscar Wilde – does not imitate, interprets". And in this sense the poetry of Anthony Giannini crosses the border exquisitely aesthetic, unconscious dynamics and explores in
depth timeless emotions and then glide on an interpretation, and so sociologically critic, of contemporaneity.
His sculptures, installations, paintings by the artist are stratified by signs and symbols all legible: manage simultaneously talking to each one of us, who we are and who we were and to defer to the current size and dramatically phenomena so ingrained in local traditions as characteristic of social systems global art.
Trip. Tradition. Identity. Transaction. Memory. Precariousness. Changing. Nomadism. Aboveall cultural. Gandhi organizes, as in the finale of a Fellini masterpiece, a circle of light and joyful melancholy dream mold: a separation-mixing of elements that coexist in the same collective rituals and in each
individual existence, in an emotional journey that aspires to not stop ever.

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