Marilena Di Tursi

[…] Certainly the works and artistic search of Anthony Giannini is very interesting, as it has managed to establish its own, particular Visual cut, very recognizable. Colours almost never pronounced just to give some kind of opacity of the time. There is also an irony over way, which is good, indeed embellishes the whole making him appreciate even more. 

Singular, but emblematic again that even in the painting "I put in order the memories" everything instead of being shown, everything is protected, enclosed in suitcases, boxes, which preserve the identity of his being both child, adolescent and now man. A look at life with firmness, but at the same time with pudero to his memories. A young artist, who will certainly give us other essential pieces of his lived, or going a bit further with his technical and artistic mastery will give us the things of our traditional Italian lived, making us discover that the beautiful Italy is not only comprised of great, immense historical buildings, but in every home, every lived lie of small museums then with the practiced hand and Assembly unit of Antonio Giannini become true masterpieces.

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