Manuela Clemente - Curatore

Books, suitcases, phonographs, antique cars, couches, drawers with dreams and childhood games are recurrent subjects in the painting of Antonio Giannini, symbolically and ingeniously transfers on canvas with oil or with crayon nature of his existence, deeply and morbidly tied to a past that lives and satiates his present.

Ordered structures such as castles of souvenir stand almost vertically to find the fit and stability of memory, in a solid plastic description that defines its world, unreal space and out of time determined in the mind and intellect. The study of the object tied to the past, where a little bit of time and space is wrapped to be protected and guarded, the artistic research of Giannini evolves through the careful investigation of distant echoes and defines the poetics of his works as a set of expressive and communicative intent in a painting made of silences and visual harmony. The suitcase, as baggage of memories, fragmented in the most intimate and familiar, is an indispensable concept; the warmer-toned leather is consumed by time, participating in the narrative and the processes, enriching the taste less bitter, more intense and deeper moments joyful childhood whisper.
The soft pastel, almost blurred and monochrome, bright tones and the oil becomes homogenous backgrounds. The backgrounds are lit with bright colors and intense, the boundaries are defined, wrapping her compositions enigmatic atmosphere, one that slowly approaches the size of waiting of metaphysical art.
In the order of composition, the strength of the design is that you can illustrate the routes of imagination and thought, in the same way as a literary tale or a carnet de voyage of the early twentieth century.
The perfection of the objects and the minutia of detail reflected in methodical and rigorous perspective, where the figures are held in balancing on scaffolding of old memories: "memories in balance".

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