Francesco Di Candia

“An artist’s bag metaphor of his memory”
LATERZA- in the summer the sunshine in the southern cities gives the objects a particular aspect. It makes them unreal, different, creates an alienating perception. People feel relaxed in the early afternoon and the objects obtain a particular shape. “ Metafisica al Sud - Enigma di un pomeriggio d’estate” is the title of the collateral exhibition organized on 10th July last year in the rooms of the Castle of Otranto next to the main exhibition by De Chirico “ De Chirico mistero e poesia” hosted in the fortress overlooking the sea. 

Both of them can be visited until September 29. Antonio Giannini, an artist from Laterza, is among the artists selected by the Gallery Coart of Corato for this exhibition. He was born in 1980, finished the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari, got a certification for teachers at the Academy Brera in Milan, art teacher at the lower secondary school in Laterza. De Chirico is his main art reference. Giannini is a skilled and original interpreter of the colors of the memories, the one’s we keep inside in a complete realistic way because filtered through time and emotions. Giannini has a place where he saves the memory. This is a bag. It can be used as the box of memories, as a place to save the moments of life, important objects: “ The past represents our structure, the ground of what we are and will be.- Antonio states.-The past is a static structure perfectly framed, it can’t be left without any of its moments without running the risk of losing what we are in the present”. “ Memorie in equilibrio” is the title of Giannini’s exhibition organized in Cavalerizza of Palazzo Marchesale in Laterza in March. There are many works where the objects of the memory create tall towers beyond the laws of physics. The individual memory and collective memory come together: Giannini’s paintings show the objects that have marked significant changes in the Italian history( and not only) such as the radio, the television, the car. The communication, the journey, the itinerary. The journey to Castle of Otranto is suggested to those having their own bags and who are looking for deep meanings such as the memory and self-consciousness.

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