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Article in Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno on Sunday March 30th 2014, page 9 It wasn’t a real chair. A work of art was destroyed. 
ACQUAVIVA – A tired visitor at Palazzo de Mari sat by mistake and destroyed a chair of cardboard, it was part of a contemporary art installation. It happened in Acquaviva during the inauguration of the exhibition “ At full blast! A tutto spiano”. 

ACQUAVIVA – It’s acknowledged that a visit to an art exhibition as a pleasant experience but sometimes it is very tiring. Above all when it is a crowded event, even visited by the regional president Nichi Vendola. The tiredness can play nasty tricks on visitors. And so when the lady with swollen feet saw the large crowd to get away from one of the rooms of Palazzo de Mari hosting the art exhibition “ At full blast! A tutto spiano” , she saw the beautiful inviting light colored wood chair…Even if on the chair there was big cardboard onion…hup!..the tired lady soon removed it and sat on it looking forward to having rest. 
The “ cardboard chair ” crumpled in a few microseconds and the lady fell down on the floor.
Sacrilege and ignorance. The chair-no chair ( but actually it was easy to understand) was part of a beautiful installation by Antonio Giannini, a well known artist from Laterza, who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari and collaborated with the Petruzzelli Theatre. Unfortunately, his work has not been understood and, pure coincidence, it also has a title that sounds almost a prediction: “ The false starts”. It’s an intelligent work, which by the way has already been set up last summer at Aragonese Castle of Otranto to coincide with the exhibition dedicated to the works of Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978).
The organizer of the exhibition, Massimo Nardi, was rather disappointed but almost resigned. He assessed the damage on 5 thousand euro out of the total value of the damaged work which should be around 15 thousand euro. “ At full blast! A tutto spiano” is a complex artistic exhibition opened on Friday and will be open until April 15th organized in two venues: Palazzo de Mari, where the accident happened because of ignorance of the tired visitor, and Acquaviva municipal Theatre. It is sponsored by the Region and Municipality. It includes the personal exhibitions of Christian Loretti (sculpture) e Amedeo Del Giudice (painting); photo contest curated by Massimo Nardi (Altobelli, Bambino, Bellino, Catalano, Cusano, D'Alessandro,De Santis, Di Lanno, Ditroilo, Fantetti, Fiantanese, Fusco, Gatti, Ingegno, Labianca, Laddago, Mastrogiacomo, Nardomarino, Pansini, Pastoressa, Regina, Simi, Spagone, Stufano); video and installations by Carpignano, Labianca, Chionna , Delli Carri, De Serio, Fusca, Giannini, Guaricci, Liuzzi, Mascoli, Sannicandro, Sylos Labini, Sivilli, Spizzico, Venuto. It is promoted by “Enkomion”( History, Literature and Art magazine) and by “ Il sito dell’Arte”. Information: 080 776278 / 388 7390395. 
If you visit it pay attention to your seat!

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